Friday, June 20, 2014

Finally.. an update!

I HAVE GOTTEN SO BAD AT KEEPING THIS BLOG UPDATED! I truly apologize! I will give a short update and then hopefully can be caught up enough to start writing weekly or at least monthly again!

Sadie is practically crawling. I think she will get it before the month is over. The poor girl has a paranoid mommy though, I know she would already be crawling if I left her on the floor more. There are just so many BUGS AND DIRT. ha She will get it eventually. She got her two bottom teeth in April and is cutting her top two now, sits up and pulls herself to a standing position, sleeps like a champ, sweats like a champ, and she just smiles all the time. She is such.a.joy!

TRAVELING.. We are always on the road. With all our churches that we work with being spread out on both sides of Nicaragua we are always going to and from. Poor Sadie has finally decided after almost 9 months of it, that she doesn't enjoy the carseat all that much (so that makes things interesting). Ryan has the preachers reading "Multiply" by Frances Chan and It has been going really well so far! Praise.

We had three awesome teams in March and were very busy! At the end of May our interns arrived and now we are waiting on our second team for the summer to arrive tomorrow!

April 10th was the first big earthquake. For the 3 weeks we had been under either "extreme alert" or "red alert". Schools were out and people in the capitol had been sleeping outside. We had two large earthquakes back to back that were over a 6 and since then had hundreds of tremors each day and a larger one between 4.5-5.5 each day up until the beginning of May. During that time they had worried us with the idea of a "bigger one coming"(supposedly Managua is due for another huge earthquake) and also that all these fault lines are near the volcanos so there has also been fear of eruptions. We are no longer in any sort of alert, students are back in school, and things have been much calmer for the past month and a half or so!

May 5-12 we were blessed with a little trip to the states to have a vacation with both sides of the family in Gatlinburg! During this time we were blessed to announce to our family our VERY BIG and unexpected surprise.. We are expecting again.. Yes, you read that correctly, Sadie is going to be a big sister. NO this was not planned, far from it actually. But we are blessed and thankful none the less. And since this big announcement we found out that Its a ....... GIRL! Sadie is getting a best little friend.

Thank you for always praying for us. I am so thankful for this time in our lives and for God's plan. Please be praying for us through this next big transition and for God to show us where to go next.

I leave you with some photos :)

With daddy on the hammock at home
Hanging out with the grandpas on the porch at the cabin!
At Cade's Cove in Gatlinburg! 

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Anonymous said...

Good to see an update! Glad to hear you and your sweet family are doing well. Hope God continues to bless you.

Rachel Bloomingburg