Monday, September 12, 2011

Life Interrupted

I have started a new book by Priscilla Shirer called "Life Interrupted" and let me just say it is absolutely amazing to me that God can work on my heart through the ink pen of someone that I do not and probably will never know. 

" So just go with it. Follow Him -- Impossible as it may seem. Let him take you places, even to places you honestly don't feel all that great about seeing firsthand. You may not grasp what He's got in mind for this, but if you'll follow where He's leading, You will walk yourself right out onto the stage He has set for you. You will locate a significance bigger than you are because it's not based on your own smarts and planning and goal stratagies but rather on your utter submission to the Father's eternal, all-wise plans-- plans that are "higher than your ways" (Isaiah 55:9), beyond anything you could "ask or think" or imagine (Eph. 3:20)."

There has been many a day that I have been completely confused on what God's plan is. Sometimes I just can't understand why he would want me to do something that is interrupting what I saw my future to look like. But when I look at the "big picture" I am absolutely blown away at what God has brought in to my life and ever so thankful for what he has taken out. Seriously, I am the most undeserving person to the most beautiful gifts. God's plan is SO MUCH GREATER than anything I could have imagined for myself. His grace is amazing and it covers me daily. The things that I imagined would have never been close to the amazing-ness of every part of my life right now. He has a plan for each of our lives.. There are billions of people in the world and he has a specific plan just for me.. I love being His child and I look forward to seeing what it is he has in store for me next. 

Speaking of God's plan and him knowing me so well... My mother and Sherry Brooks surprised me last Monday.. This is how it went... We were suppose to go pick up Mr. David and Mr. Tim from the airport in Managua so we decided to make a fun day of it. We went to the big mall and to the nice grocery and then to TGI fridays. After all of this, as we were heading to the Airport, I told the Brackens that this was a much needed day and "one of the best days ever(of course I was being a bit dramatic)". I had no idea what was about to happen but Kim and James sure do keep secrets well.. We get to the airport and are waiting and I was just so excited to see Americans that I was desperately looking in the window with excitement. I guess James was worried he wouldn't catch my reaction on camera or that I knew they were coming because he said "what are you so excited about, it is just two old men!?"(which was a fun joke for the rest of the week). Boy, you should have seen my face. God really knew how badly I needed to see those two. I was a basket case. They snuck up around a corner and jumped in front of the glass wall and I started screaming and crying.  I then had to wait 15 minutes for them to get through customs during which time I had 300 nicaraguans looking at me like I was crazy and trying to piece together what just happened. 

It was a wonderful surprise. I mean wonderful. Being able to see two people who have been absolutely awesome at keeping me strong during this past year, working with my babies, was Heaven to my eyes. It really gave me the courage to keep going. 
Thank you Jesus for that time with them.. 

If you are sponsoring a child at Nicaragua Christian School and have not yet considered making a trip down to the school, start considering. I know that this trip was such a blessing for not only Mama and Sherry but also for the sweet babies who they help receive a chance at a better future.
Here are some pictures of their trip... 

Mama and Rosita happy to see each other after three years. Seriously, you have never seen two happier people than these in this moment in time. 

Pedro and and his sponsor (and my dear friend) Sherry meeting for the first time! He was so blessed by the time he got to spend with her and can't stop talking about her.
Some precious moments with the children
Visiting Pedro in his home. Another awesome experience you can have with making a trip to NCS.
If Daddy, Isaac and Amelia were there we would have had a completed family. So very thankful for this moment.
Sherry at Pedro's house with him and his brother Daniel and their new soccer ball!
Every time I look at this picture I cry. The most amazing woman with the most amazing children.
Sherry with all her little notes and love from all the students. They love visitors :)
I wish I could hold these moments forever.
Mr. Tim with the little girl he sponsors.
Sherry with some of the preciousness of NCS
Mr. David feeding this little boy his second cup of Icecream.. Ever.

Mom, Sherry, and I went to Surfing turtle one night while they were here. It was a lodge on the beach. We were the only people their other than our guard and our cook, for miles. We had a great time. We stayed in a cabana that was only screen so we could listen to the ocean all night. We also got to watch a Paslama turtle lay eggs on the beach. It was a great trip.
Sherry, myself, and mother on the swings at Surfing turtle
This was the only way to get to Surfing turtle
Also, during the time my mother was here, Cristina had a hernia removed. I went to the hospital with her the morning before the surgery and this is her at her house the afternoon after surgery. Always smiling
Mr. David and his homemade baptistry. He had to demonstrate for us.
If I can be half the woman she is I will be happy. I am so thankful to have such an incredible mama inside and out that supports me in everything I do.

Mom and I with Sergio and Daysi (Preacher at the school) 

It was perfect timing. God is so good to me and I am very blessed. 
On other note, I leave for Honduras tomorrow with Sergio, Daysi and 4 other members of our new youth! We are going to Baxter (the preacher school) for a youth rally. The theme is "The Battle Belongs to the Lord". I have NO idea what I am getting myself in to for the next week but I am really looking forward to seeing God work. Please keep this trip in your prayers. 
Also, Please check out my previous blog about some opportunities to help out at the School. 

Come and see what is being done in Nicaragua.