Friday, August 23, 2013

Florida Baby Shower

This summer a dear friend told me that since I was not going to be able to be in her wedding (due to being extremely pregnant) she wanted to fly me in to Florida so that I could be with her for one of her bridal showers and also so that her and my friends could give me a little baby shower. 
Awesome right?!

It took me a while to finally accept her generous offer because I hated to leave Ryan at such a difficult time for us both down here. Felt as though it wouldn't be fair but being the kind wonderful husband that he is, he insisted. So promising that I wouldn't eat at all our favorite restaurants while I was down there, I agreed :) 

So she got me a ticket and I arrived at the Panama City airport on thursday afternoon August 1st where my mother and sister were jumping up and down as I rode down the escalator to get my luggage. Not only had we not seen each other in 7 months but it also provided the opportunity for them to actually see me pregnant! It was a blast. 
(Taken at the airport) Sadie and Aunt Mils first time together ;)

Also on this trip we were blessed by our friends the Harris/Lunn's for allowing us to stay at their condo for the weekend and we got to spend a lot of time with them as well! Eden Lunn has been one of my longest best friends since 3rd grade where we met at Camp Wiregrass but this was the first time we got to spend a weekend together with our mothers. Thankful that we now can ALL be life long friends :)

Thursday after mom and sister picked me up we went to the condo and just got to hang out together and soak up some time together. Morgan brought by some groceries and Chic-fil-a for dinner (YUM!) and we all just got to spend some quality time together and I got to stretch out my legs after a long day of travel. 

Friday mom, Amelia, and I got to do a little shopping and laying out. Very relaxing and fun to just be able to spend time with them. That night friends started arriving and it was such an exciting night! First of all we got to go to my favorite restaurant Boondocks with friends Eden and Mrs. Vonda (Alabama) where Whitney (South Carolina) met us. During our delicious dinner someone snuck up behind me and covered my eyes... To my complete surprise it was my sweet mother in law (North Carolina) and two of my SIL's. I was so excited and shocked because I didn't think they were going to be able to make such a long trip for such a short weekend. Lots of happy tears... After dinner we went back to the condo where we all were chatting and I was actually laying in the floor trying to get Sadie to kick for her aunts (she is stubborn or shy haha) when we got a knock on the door... Another AWESOME surprise, Anna and Seth (Oklahoma) were at the door. Anna tricked me and it was another great treat. It was a LOT of excitement for one day and I am so grateful for the way it turned out and that they were able to come! 

Saturday morning mom, Amelia, and I went to a beautiful bridal shower for Morgan. It was so great to be a part of such a special time for her. I am thrilled to see her so happy and know she is going to make her fiance very happy as well! 
Me, Morgan, mom, and Amelia at Morgan's shower

After the shower we went back to the condo and down at the beach were 4 more of my dearest friends (Ginny, Rachel, Marcy, and Bethany) from college who came all the way from Tennessee for ONE night to help give a beautiful baby shower. They seriously are the BEST EVER. 

Saturday night at 7 was the shower. IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. I just couldn't believe how pretty it was. Sadie and I felt like royalty. It was so much fun. Very much pinterest quality ;) Here are some pictures that Whitney took of the shower. 
The beach in the background!
Amazing cake!
Mom, me, and Amelia
Me, Kelsie, Tammy (Ryan's mom), and Kellie!
SO happy to see them. 
Sadie is a lucky lady to have such sweet grandmas!
And me... I am one very very blessed lady to have such wonderful friends and family. I could never put in to words how special this day made me feel. Thank you all for making your long hikes to be there!

Ridiculously beautiful baby shower wasn't it? What a blessing. I am forever grateful for the love shown to Ryan, Sadie, and I. 

Sunday... OH Sunday. EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER. It had been 7 months since I had sat through a worship service in English. Exactly 30 Sundays of church in Spanish. I was very blessed to spend my first sunday back at my families old church in Panama City, Palo Alto. I was already really missing Ryan and wishing he could have been there (even more so after his family surprised us and Seth being there too..so being blessed by a Sunday worship in English just didn't even feel right without him). So anyways, Sunday, I cried. THE WHOLE time. I could not stop. I mean like ugly face, shoulder shaking, sweat and tears from start to finish. I knew I missed it but had no idea the affect it was going to have on me. I loved soaking in every minute of the beautiful angelical voices and the prayers. All of it. At the end the elders came and prayed over me and for our work in Nicaragua and for the birth of Sadie girl. So naturally I triple lost it. The ability to worship with my brothers and sisters in my native tongue will never be taken advantage of again. It was a blessing beyond measure. 

I love learning Spanish but it is going to be a long time before Ryan and I don't feel like sitting through church in Nicaragua isn't a "job" because it is just so difficult to follow or to even know everything you are singing.. Anyways, needless to say this was definitely one of the greatest parts of my trip. I will always be so thankful for the family from Palo Alto. They have been a wonderful continuous support for both Ryan and I while we have been down here and I hope one day soon Ryan can come and visit there with me. 

For the rest of the trip I was able to visit and catch up with family, old friends, and relax with some people that I love so dearly and have missed. I am thankful that this opportunity was provided for me. God is so very very good.

Summer 2013


It has been too long. I should be ashamed of myself for writing such a post as my last one and then waiting nearly two months to write another-- But good news.. things are getting better.

We had a very busy summer between our 4 interns and then having guests and/or groups here the entire months of June and July. I think all together Ryan and I had about 4 days alone this summer. It was a crazy, eventful, and blessed summer indeed. There was good and there was bad of course, but having friends, family, and group visits to look forward to helped a lot.

We have had quite a few faith shaking things happen this summer that have really taught us to turn to God and each other more. We are so very thankful for the special people in our lives who always encourage us and support us in so many ways.

I am going to post a few pictures from our summer with groups, guests, and interns. Thanks always for keeping up with us.

Ryan getting some baby practice in with Fernando

Two awesome people down here that we are blessed to work with, Sergio and Daysi!

Me and some special ladies at the ladies conference at Primero de Mayo.

One of our interns, Nathan C, getting down with a sweet lady at the Nursing home.

Jen Sav speaking at the ladies conference they put on during their week down here. 

David, a guy with the Georgia team in El Ojoche.

Our friends, Craig and Abbi came to visit! 

Our interns for the summer. 
Nathan C, Erin, Nathan F, and Kristi!

two of my dearest friends came in July, Rachel and Ginny!

and the last team of the summer, fhu girls basketball came and did a camp in Xiloa! 
This was a surprise I was blessed with the first week of August. I will post another blog giving all the details about this wonderful short trip to Florida! 
And last but not least, my wonderful friend Kenzie came to visit us this month. Poor thing got a little gypped on all the fun stuff because Ryan had just gotten over bronchitis and I am starting to be a little more uncomfortable in the heat.. but she was a trooper and I loved getting to spend the week with her! 

I hope to post two more blogs this weekend about my trip to Florida and about Sadie Ellen but I first wanted to do this short little update on our summer. 

I will be using this next week to try and make up for my lack of blogging this summer. 
Dios te bendiga