Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 1, 2012

I am thankful to inform everyone that we arrived in Nicaragua without a glitch. We had no problem in customs, we had no gate changes, and we did not lose any baggage. That is a first. And not to mention that my house was mice free. God has been watching over us.

Three days in and I can't even begin to express all of the emotions I have been feeling. Confusion, fear, excitement are some big ones.

Confusion mainly comes from the fact that neither Ryan or I can wrap our heads around the fact that we aren't going back to the states in a few days or a month. I am sure that it is all part of the "culture shock" experience and I do remember having these feelings last January when I moved to Nicaragua the first time. This time it is different though, we are trying not to put a period at the end of it, we want our time here to be planned by God. During our meetings with the preachers, staff, and parents we have had this week we would hear Mr. David say things like "They came down here to work with you for many years" or "They gave up being with their families to be here with you" it kind of stings a little but it also seems so surreal that God would choose us to work with such amazing people. What a blessing this is going to be.

Fear is a selfish feeling that comes from us choosing to give God complete control. I am always trying to do things myself. But we have to have faith that God is going to take care of us. That funds are going to come in so that we can be here. That we will be able to help those who need us. That we will see the need. That we will always show God's love even if we are having a bad day. The fear of missing something back home with family or friends. But what I am trying to realize is that if I allow God to be in complete control of my life that he will never leave me or fail me. He loves us and he knew years before we were born that Ryan and I would move to Nicaragua together on August 1, 2012. Our God is so big!

Excitement has been all over. Seeing my old friends. Seeing the precious children at Nicaragua Christian School (If you ever want to feel special, come play with the children in Nicaragua they really know how to put a smile on your face). Seeing how much they have grown. Seeing the new playground and new preschool buildings. Having children from the church run and jump in my arms. Seeing all the parents greet Ryan and tell them how thankful they are that we are here. Seeing everyone love Ryan. Going to language school in a few weeks. Hearing all the good things that are happening. Hearing all the bad things, because that will be when God is most glorified. And the biggest excitement comes with finally being here with Ryan. My heart is full.

Other than visiting at the school and having meetings with the preachers and their wives, the NCS staff, and the NCS parents, we have just been resting, visiting, and trying to unpack.

Tonight we are playing games and spending time with the youth of Vida en Familia Iglesia de Cristo.

On August 20, we will begin language school in Granada for a month.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, comments, and support during this time. I am thankful that I am experiencing all these emotions because that means we are here. Finally.

We are waiting patiently for you all to start booking your flights to come visit.
In the meantime, please keep us and all the work in Nicaragua in your prayers.

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.
Psalms 139:9-10