Sunday, September 22, 2013

A short update on the Bush familia

Life lately..

Seriously, I have been so terrible at keeping up with my blog this year. I know I am about to have a baby and that it is crazy for me to think I might have more time to write but here's to hoping.

Since coming back from Florida we have moved in to a new house that we LOVE. It is so fun. It is a fixer upper which has Ryan so excited that he always has something to work on at home. We are saving so much money here but still have 5 bedrooms. We were very blessed with this find. We also have a front AND a back yard. This is very rare in Nicaragua and we are thankful that we might have some calmer dogs thanks to this.

Some fun facts about our house..
We are also officially completely air condition-less and we are surviving just fine. We are going to appreciate a Tennessee Christmas even more this year.
We sleep with the windows open and have enjoyed falling asleep to the (slightly) cool breeze and the sound of the rain.
We have 3 coconut trees and I have already enjoyed some cold coconut milk.
The house came with hammock hooks. It has been fun living in a real Nica style home.
And best of all ... We live in harmony with the iguana, the gecko, and the fly.

(Back side of house) 

It has been fun :) We are almost settled. Got a few more things to bring from the old house this week and then we will be all in. This house is PERFECT for hosting small groups/families/friends so please feel free to come and stay with us!

Sadie's room is finished and looking sweet. She has an "elegant" little bug net over her bed for all you worry warts out there :)

A little update on Sadie..
I am 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow.
We had our full-term appointment last week and she is looking great! Approx. 7.3 lbs and getting ready to greet us.
I have been really blessed with a pretty easy breezy pregnancy. The last few weeks I have started to get anxious and have some pretty bad back pain and Braxton hicks but other than that its going really well. I really don't enjoy the Braxton Hicks probably for the same reason all other first time moms don't.... I.do.not.know.what I am waiting for so every time I have one I get excited. BUT I know she will be here no matter what in less than a month now so that is very very exciting!
Speaking of these false contractions.. I just had another.. Can't wait for the real deal :)

Funny addition: Ryan had a dream that I was pregnant which is why I took a pregnancy test... Posititve.
Ryan had a dream that we were having a girl (even though at the time he was hoping for a boy) and was just sure of it after that.. Doc said it was a girl a week later. About a month ago he had a dream about the birth.. In the dream he asked me the date (weird) and it was September 27. That is this Friday. We may have to start calling him prophet Ryan. :) Either way, no matter what day, I just want her to get here so we can give her lots and lots of love.

Ryan has been going around to all the churches and meeting with the preachers about their goals and ministry plans for the next year. He has also been letting them know that Sadie girl will be here any day now and that he will be at home for a few weeks with me at least.

We are blessed. It has been a good month. It also helps knowing we have a sweet little angel on the way, our parents will be here in 3 weeks, and we go home in two months for a visit.

God is good. Please keep us in your prayers.. The big day is approaching.

Pray that my contractions are strong early on so that we get on the road at a decent hour ( 2 hour drive)
 and please pray that our sweet girl is in good health and that all goes well on that special day!


Lori Lincoln Grizzell said...

I'm coming there in 23 DAYS to see for myself. I love her room and think she is a blessed little girl to have Ryan for a daddy and You as her mommy. See you soon.

Kenny Payne said...

We love the Bush family and appreciate your work in the kingdom. We are praying for a safe arrival and for you to be simply overwhelmed by the joy of parenthood!

Kathy King said...

Her room is beautiful and I know she will be as well. Can't wait to see pictures. Will be praying all goes smoothly.